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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Willamette Greenway Trail

Last Saturday after a brief stop by the Rose Festival at the Waterfront, Carolyn and I rode south to check out the Willamette Greenway Trail. I have to admit I have never been on this section of trail and I was impressed. I had a smile on my face the entire ride. This trail is quite a contrast to the Springwater. Low traffic, residential settings, and well integrated with the other non-bike areas that it intersects. The online description of the trail says it starts at the Macadam Bay Club, but with the nice wide bike lane leading from the Hawthorne Bridge through the South Waterfront and beneath the Tram it's a bit like a trip through the future of Portland leading to the "official trailhead." At this point the trail leads 3 miles to the Sellwood bridge. The trail is a nice 8 ft wide cruiser that winds along the river through Willamette Park and along the Willamette Yacht Club. Where we stopped to watch some kids taking a Sailing class. When your passing the Yacht Club be careful as there were quite a few boaters loading and unloading Kayaks, Sunfish and the like. I actually had I guy say "thank you" to me for ringing my bell as he started walking front of me from behind a parked SUV. When we got to the Sellwood Bridge I wanted to follow the 'unofficial' dirt trail that leads on South from there but since we were both riding on Vintage Tires ( read Old, dry-rotted) we decided that we had best point it East across the river.
Portland really is the best biking city in America. Now go out and get some!

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