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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I spend a lot of time in alleys...

That is, riding thru alleys. Not sleeping or rooting through trash cans. I think of the alleys as my own quiet thoroughfare that gets me off the beaten path, so to speak. One in particular, the alley behind Ladd's Avenue, is my favorite. I ride this way every day to and from work. It's quiet, it's scenic and its convenient. Today I had company. It's not unusual to see someone else, however; more often than not they are pushing a shopping cart full of their worldly belongings. Today there were other commuters using my alley!
Has my oasis in the city been discovered?
Was it just a coincidence?
It seems those of us who have abandoned the car full-time seem to share a secret. The secret that biking from point A to B is the best way to get around. Maybe it's not the fastest, maybe not always the easiest, but in the long-run it's the best. It's slower than a car. That allows time to take in the little things, like the birds chirping, or the smell of spring flowers. Not as easy as a car. It requires my direct physical participation. Exercise, that's a good thing. These things make it the best way to travel.
Inside these secrets of transportation biking I thought I'd found my own secret: The Alleyways of Portland. I guess there are others who share my secret, and that's a good thing too.
See you off the beaten path...

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