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Friday, June 15, 2007

Continuous and Integral

An interesting article on Groningen, Netherlands and how they have woven their bicycle infrastructure into the fabric of the city. Over 57% of all trips are made by bicycle in this student town in the North of the Netherlands. Even in the Netherlands, Groningen is a shining example of bike-ablity.
Josh Hart has posted a first person observation of the city on his Car Free Blog "On the Level". In his post Josh says "By prioritizing cycle traffic over cars, the Dutch engineers have managed to balance the roadway’s playing field and allow a blossoming of bicycle transport as a practical network useable by just about everyone. " The city planners in Groningen have been able to achieve this through what they call a system that is "continuous and integral". Josh reports that many of the problems we have come to expect are being addressed. He says the city treats cyclists with respect– they create a network of cycling lanes and paths that never just end suddenly, as is common in the US. There are entire housing developments that are built along major bicycle and scooter “roadways,” massive bike parks everywhere, many roads that are one way for cars but two way for bikes, and special signal phases for bikes.
We all know that the Dutch are light years ahead of the US when it comes to bike planning, but this article is inspiring. Imagine living in a community based around bike transit...sounds like heaven

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