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Monday, May 21, 2007

What DOES it take to be Bike Friendly..?

A recent article by Alan Durning on the Sightline Institute blog asks that very question.
I think there are some very good points made in the article and in readers comments. Primarily it is the perception of rider's safety that is limiting more ridership.
How do we change that perception you ask?
Good question.
As I've said before I think the root is creating a network of separated bikeways and providing for "bike first" right of way laws. I know there are folks who don't agree with that. Even folks who would consider themselves pro-bike fear that removing bikes from the street traffic somehow diminishes our rights as cyclists. Face it, if you expect to live without cars then we need to be safe. If you continue to share driving space with the motorists YOU WILL BE IN DANGER at least at some point.
Separate but equal.

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