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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What are YOU doing in the middle of the street...?

I have to admit when I first heard those words, I was slightly surprised. This morning as I rode to work, while in the middle of the left-hand lane on SW Oak, I looked over to my right and there was an angry motorist intentionally moving toward me, forcing me into the parked cars, while shrieking for me to "get on the sidewalk..." The ensuing interaction is not worth noting word for word. Suffice it to say she felt that bikes not only have no right to be on the street, but my safety was not worthy of consideration. After she informed me that she would " run me down in a second..." I felt it best to move aside and let her get on her way.
Recently, I read comments on the bikeportland.org forum to a similar effect. It seems the author was confronted by a person who felt cyclists are not allowed on the streets...
How is it possible in a city like Portland that folks truly believe bikes no longer belong on the street?

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