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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Copenhagen leading the charge!

We all love Amsterdam, sure.

There's Hookers, Hash and Heineken a plenty, and oh yeah, a pretty fabulous cycling culture throughout the entire country as well.

What about their Scandinavian cousins to the north?

You know, the Danish..?

It seems the Danes have taken a pretty big bite out of the cycle culture pie as well. With the goal of becoming "the best cycling city in the world" Copenhagen's Mayor Klaus Bondam just put forth a proposal that would make even the most ardent Dutch cyclist take a second glance.

On May 30th Mayor Bondam presented the Copenhagen Bicycle Proposal which for DKK 75 million ( $13.5 million US) will make it more fun to ride a bicycle and hopefully also tempt more people to use their bicycles.

"The more people bicycling and the more people who will stop using their cars every day, the more we will contribute to lower the CO2 emission. 14 per cent more cyclists will contribute to 80,000 less CO2 emission. The number of accidents in Copenhagen is not high, however, it is still our ambition to half the number of accidents on bicycles, because if you feel safe, you will also feel like riding your bike" , says Mayor Bondam.

It's refreshing to hear a politician talking about ACTUALLY changing our behavior as way to curb emissions. I think that the already cycle-savy Danes will also benefit from increased health and a connection to the community as well.

I'd like to issue a challenge to our State and Local leaders to follow Mayor Bondam's lead. Take a look at our fair Rose City, we're pretty cycle friendly, but I think we could do more by simply driving less.

C'mon Mayor Potter, Commissioner Adams and all the others down there at City Hall. Stop pandering to the car! Forget about " Auto-Couplets", increased Parking and Freeways.

Those things are Dinosaurs, man.

Ride free.

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