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Saturday, February 03, 2007

No Parking

I am curious where we are headed with our bike lane/bike route infrastructure. Portland is a GREAT place to travel by bike. To work, school, down to the store, where ever... Recent articles on BikePortland about the "interested but concerned" demographic & "concerns about the crossing"; as well as my recent experience living in the Netherlands for most of the past year, have me thinking about our infrastructure.
My thought is that we remove parking along bike path/bike routes and give that space to 'Dutch style' bike lanes. It would seem the best way to truly move Portland ahead of the curve, and mobilize the "I but C" folks is to provide better protection for all of us. These lanes would be partitioned off from auto traffic, be wide enough for 3 or more bikes, like the dutch lanes, and also provide a means of turning left without leaving the safe confines of the the bike lane.
I'm sure many of you have visited the Netherlands, and seen the model. Especially if you've ventured out of Amsterdam into the rest of the nation, like Den Haag/ Leiden you have seen or experienced the beauty of a full scale bike-way (fietspad) system covering the entire country. Having experienced this firsthand I can tell you it is exactly why a majority of the Dutch make most trips by bike. They feel safe on their bikes.
I'd like to start an initiative based on this idea. I'd love to hear from anyone on this issue; pro or con....
Believe me I'm all about sharing the road, but part of sharing is giving. How about giving us a fietspad system.


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