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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bike Date

For the last few weeks Carolyn and I have been going on 'bike dates'. We go out on the town on a Friday evening, on a 'date' via bike. Our objectives are have fun, socialize and travel at a casual pace. Last night we hit a couple local spots on the Eastside. What a great evening for a bike date. The moon was full and the weather has been stellar!
Heading down the Clinton bike route we zipped thru the intersection at 7 corners and both instinctively began heading down Ladd Avenue, toward work...Ooops! A quick right put us on 20th and back on track. We took the tourist route toward Hawthorne weaving thru the back streets. We met some friends at Imbibe, laughed about the old days living in the dorms and enjoyed some fine tunes ala Little Sue. After the music had wound down about 9 o'clock, Carolyn and I jumped on our trusty rides and peddled off to Belmont to check out 'the Blue Monk'. We both love this place. Belgian Beers out the wazooo, live Jazz music and great food. We sampled a little of all 3.
The great thing about bike dating is the relative freedom it offers. It's a chance to slow down on the bike and plod along. Something I think we all forget to do sometimes. I know in the mornings headed downtown, I'm like everyone else. How fast can I hammer to the office...? On a bike date it's just You and your Sweety cruising thru the neighborhoods, enjoying a pleasantly casual pace, maybe you stop to look at something in a store window, check out that really sweet house for sale, or change direction mid-trip. We really enjoy these dates. For us it's all about meandering to get to our destination. Especially when the weather is as nice as it has been the past couple weeks.
I'd like to see more folks out on bike dates. Maybe we could start a bike date Friday or something. Encourage pubs/resturants to offer incentives for Bike Daters to come to there establishments one Friday night a month. Just a thought.


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