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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Swiss lakes and Bavaria..

In our last episode; our heros were heading north to the Swiss Lakes.
After 2 sun soaked days in Lugano, Switzerland walking the open air markets and floating on the lake, playing "street chess" and stuffing ourfaces we head north to Garmich Germany to absorb a bit of Bavarian Alpine culture. The day we arrived Germany had just beaten Sweden in the 2nd Round of the World Cup, in Munich. You would have thought they had won the Cup itself. The streets of this sleepy little Hamlet were packed with Teenagers, Tourists and Football freaks all waving the Germany flag and chanting "Wir fahren nach Berlin..." ( We're going to Berlin). The bus drivers rode around their routes honking their horns, Trains in and out of the station blew their whistles. It seemed that we were the only ones not going totally bonkers. So, "when in Rome..." or in this case Bavaria; we quickly bought a German flag and Casey sported it around as a cape until I had to insist he leave it in his backpack while went hiking the next day. A quick trip up the local Alpine Gondola gave us beautiful views into Austria and Lichtenstein and a nice hike down to a mid-mountain cafe where we rested long enough to make it back to the gondola stand for a return to our hostel. The next day we stopped in Munich for a walk around Marienplatz then boarded the night train to Dortmund.


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