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Saturday, July 08, 2006

The night train to Dortmund

"Take the night train to Dortmund and I'll meet you at the station..."
If you have never done this please read the next words carefully. For Casey this was the most exciting part of the trip. A small compartment with 6 bunk beds and a narrow aisle in which to enter. He was in heaven. For Carolyn and myself it was a little less spectacular. I mean I'm a big guy, so if I wanted to take off my shoes for example, I practically had to stick my foot out the window and stand in the hallway to have enough space. But with little sleep and even less of an idea of where we were going to stay, we arrived in Dortmund around 6 AM. After a bleary eyed hour or so of milling around the train station we located a place with rooms, 40 minutes back in Dusseldorf. So we grabbed our bags, boarded a local commuter train and headed to our Hostel to sleep for a few hours. We awoke in plenty of time to make the game back in Dortmund, plenty of time that is if we had taken the right train. But we didn't. Long story short, a 40 minute train trip took about 2 hours. We made it to our seats maybe 2 minutes before the start. The game was awesome. Brazil vs. Ghana. Poor Ghana didn't stand much of chance, but they never gave up. Brazil's early goals secured the game quickly, but we still enjoyed every last minute of it.
More soon from The Hague...


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