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Monday, June 19, 2006

Vasto, Vasto, Vasto....
Vasto Di Mare
June 17 2006

For the past 3 days, we have been in Vasto. As I said in my last post we had quite an interesting arrival. We have been staying right on the beach at Pensione La Bitta. Its an old nondescript kinda building that looks like Mussolini may have used it for a bunker at one point. The hosts a great. They're an old Italian couple, Francesco and Anna Marie. They are the most gracious of the hosts so far. Every morning they bring us bowls of cherries and peaches along with crusty bread and coffee that you could stand a spoon in. Vasto is an interesting paradox. There is Vasto Di Mare, where we are staying, as the name suggests its at the sea and it's all about the beach. Gift shops, Gelati stands Umbrellas and Chairs for rent on the sand, and lots of sunbathers. Then there is Vasto city, an old circa 1300's fortified city on the hill about 3 km away from the beach. The city is full of twisty little allies and piazza after piazza, foritfied churches and the local Italian Communist party branch seems to have an strong marketing presence as well. A very nice town with a charming local flair.
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