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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Pizza Rustica and the wrong bus
June 13
We've all done it, especially if you've been someplace where you don't really speak the local vernacular. Your on the bus heading in what you think is the correct direction, when suddenly it hits you.... " I've gotten on the wrong bus..." No big deal just get off and go back from whence ye came.
Today we went to Stadio Olympico to see where the AS Roma play soccer. No problem. We walked around for a while. Watched some kids kicking around a soccer ball then boarded the bus back to the city center. Thats when it dawned on us.. we've gotten on the wrong bus. Fortunatley for us, we were in Rome. And as they say" when in Rome...." so we did just as the romans do, and probably have done for generations. We ate Pizza Rustica. These places are everywhere in Rome, and this wasn't our first time indulging over the past 3 days. Pizza Rustica is a square down home version of pizza usually sold by the kilo and served folded over into a sort of " pizza sandwich". If you know my little friend Casey then I don't have to tell you that this Pizza pitstop was the highlight of our unscheduled detour and maybe even the best thing we did all day.
Next time your in Rome, head out the door look in any general direction and I bet you'll see a pizza rustica shop. Go in, point, grunt, gesture wildly in the air, do what ever it takes, just get some. You'll be glad you did.


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