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Friday, June 09, 2006

June 9, 2006
In the past 3 days we have logged 12+ hours flying time, the thorough scrutiny of the Canadian Immigration Ministry, A dozen foreign languages, a slight digestive mishap in Frankfurt, football in the local square with total strangers, and chocolate icing for breakfast!. Now that we are here in the Hague in our tiny hotel, we have begun acclimate a bit. This morning Casey is sleeping in finally, The first 2 mornings he was awake at 3 am from the jet lag, no amount of pleading or coercing could coax him back to sleep. I think Ambien should consider the Pre-Teen sized dosage. As a result both Carolyn and I have been exhausted by 10 pm each night. Our days have been filled with tram rides, bike rides, counting SMART Cars and searching for the right words in Dutch. Today as with yesterday, we are looking for apartments, some are better than others. Yesterday we found a few nice ones and lot of crappy ones. Determined to find the right place; today Carolyn and I are splitting forces in order meet with 2 landlords at the same time.
The bicycle is the preferred mode of transport in the Netherlands. So much so it seems to be a way of life more than mere transport. Everyone is on their bike, from Granny with a basket going to market, to the business man in a three piece suit, to a punk rock chic listening to her iPod while having a smoke. All pedaling along at a pleasantly casual pace; and why not bicycles have the right of way over all other traffic. It helps that the Netherlands is flat as a pancake and the gas is very expensive, besides there is no place to park a car even if you could afford one. Now I know why the typical Dutch breakfast consists of bread, cheese and chocolate. You need alot of energy to pedal around all over town. Eat up! Really, I have to admire any culture who puts bicycling first and chocolate icing is a legitimate breakfast item.
More soon from the the Griswolds!
Clark, out.


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